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The reconstruction of the Ramayan Epic with English subtitles is on almost 300 (three hundred!) 24minute episodes.  It is an authentic take on the history of the East which has so far been wiped off the history maps of the West - ENJOY THE TRUTH, THE LOVE, THE COMPASSION, THE DIVINITY, THE RESPECT, THE EMPATHY, THE LIGHT  OF OUR ORIGINS 10,000 years ago:-



The King has three wives but is childless and feels that he has lost in life.  He prays for an heir and is blessed when all three wives fall pregnant at the same time and give birth to four sons.  The eldest wife gives birth to Ram, the second, Kakaie, to Bharat and the third to twins Lakshman and Shatragun.  The second wife makes the King promise Bharat to be King and send Ram to the jungle for 14 years.  The King dies in pain and loneliness.  Bharat refuses to take the throne and brings Ram's slippers and puts them on the throne.  Ram will not return until his father's promise to Kakaie is fulfilled.  In the jungle, Ram's wife, Sita gets abducted by Ravan after Lakshman assaults his sister.  Hanuman, the Monkey King assists the fall of Raven.  After 14 years, Ram has a vision of his father who grants him a wish.  Ram asks for his second mother to be forgiven and it is done.  They all return to Ayodhya and Sita has twins Luv & Kush, who are trained by Hanuman.

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 01) - King Dashrath and his army receive a tumultuous welcome in Ayodhya 

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 05) - Life becomes a celebration for Janak and Sunaina as also for the inhabitants of Mithila when Janak brings home a lovely baby girl he has found

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 10) - Ram is playing the Veena and Sita is dancing elsewhere at the same time to the Veena telepathically

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 15) - Ram Laxman Bharat & Shatrughan are sitting with their mothers and chatting about each other)  ramayan 17  ramayan 18 ramayan 19 ramayan 20 ramayan 25 ramayan 28 ramayan 30 31 32 ramayan 33 guru teaches about death

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 40) - Kekai has thrown a tantrum and disowned her status as a queen until Raja Dashrath grants her two promises, one to make her son Bharat the King and two, to send Ram to the jungle for 14 years

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 50) - Back in Ayodhya, Raja Dushrath is pining for Ram's return whilst Ram, Lakshman and Sita are determined to honour their dad's promise of 14 years in the jungle

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 75) - Surupnakha asks Ram and then Lakshman in the jungle to marry her but the latter chops off her nose and she is determined to take revenge on them both.

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 100) - Mandodari meets Sita in Ashok Vatika & tells her that she would help her move out from Lanka.

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 110) - Sita is emotional and shares an incident with Trijata about Ram. Ram brings four portraits and asks Sita to choose one of them for his second marriage.

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 201) - The curse of Aniranya on Raven (Jay & Vijay) from four sons of Lord Brahma (Sanatan, Sanakh, Sahnandan, Sanath)

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 209) - Before their return to Ayodya, they are welcomed by the Spirit of Raja Dashrath who grants Ram a wish and takes back the curse on Mata Kakaie

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 250) - Luv & Kush, are being watched by Lord Shiv and Parvati as they move the Lingum stone placed by Valmiki

Ramayan - Full Episode (EP # 265) - Luv & Kush free Rishi Shrangi from a curse and he helps them on their journey to Kuberlok

17 June 2009 – Episode 293

The boys Luv & kush are in the Palace of Ayodya telling the story of Ram and Sita to the people.

18 June 2009 – Episode 294

Hanuman finds out the boys are the sons of Ram & Sita but Sita makes him promise not to tell Ram of the boys’ relationship to Ram or where she is staying in the Ashram.

19 June 2009 – Episode 295

Ram has invited Guru Valmiki to the Palace but the Guru wants the boys to tell the full story of Ram & Sita to Ram and his people.  The Guru makes the excuse of being needed elsewhere.  The boys announce that they are the sons of Sita at the end of the story.  

23 June 2009 – Episode 296

Ram has sent an order for Sita to accompany her sons to the Palace and prove her purity (that Ram is the father).  Valmiki accompanies her and the boys and demands that Ram accepts his wife and sons.

24 June 2009 – Episode 297

Ram’s three mothers criticize his indifference towards Sita which led to her leaving Ayodya to live in an Ashram.  Sita says she is tired of being constantly tested and pledges to her mother, Mother Earth, that if it is true that she has never had any thoughts of any other man except Ram, then her Mother Earth must open up and allow Sita back into her womb.  Mother Earth opens up and accepts Sita back into her womb.

25 June 2009 – Episode 298

Ram is furious and threatens the Gods to destroy the whole Universe with his arrow if Sita is not returned to him.  The Gods tell him that he never was and never will be separated from Sita to calm his anger.  

26 June 2009 – Episode 299

A sage has come to tell Ram that his work as a King has been done and he need not remain on Earth.  The sage makes Ram promise him that no-one can witness their meeting or Ram must kill them.  Lakshman is ordered by a second sage to interrupt the meeting or Ayodhya will be destroyed.  Lakshman decides to die to save Ayodhya.  

Episode 300

There is a debate about whether Lakshman must die and it is decided that he need not die but Lakshman himself argues that it would be honourable for king Ram if he were to die.  Lakshman walks into the holy river.  Soon afterwards, Ram and his procession also walk into the holy river.  Ram’s enlightened soul speaks to Hanuman and arranges for him to assist humanity cope with hard times.




Five thousand years after the story of Ram, around five thousand years ago (3,000 BC), is the story of Lord Krishan. 

Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 01 Part 1

Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 26 Part 1

Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 36 Part 1


Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 01 Part 2

Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 01 Part 12

Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 22 Part 2

Dwarkadheesh -- Bhagwaan Shree Krishn Ep 38 Part 2




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